Monday, August 3, 2009

Mega Mondays : Small Intro

Been busy this last week, with some odd stuff and actually trying to make a banner for my blog, but I can't seem to please myself with anything my artistic talent is very limited. Anyways I'm regretting not being able to update for the last week, now for my new feature which is Mega Mondays!

A weekly look on the Megaman universe as whole. I'm going to try to look at everything and I mean everything that Megaman has touched, so hopefully it'll last for quite some time. The series has 7 sub series going on right now, the original, X, Zero, Legends, Battle Network, ZX, Star Force and a bunch of TV series, anime and everything in between. Which adds to a shit load of games, and that's not including all of the cameo appearances and the awkward yet highly enjoyable RPG. Oddly enough I always found that for the credit it gets, it still doesn't get enough, Compared to Mario who seems to overshadow a lot. Megaman has found a formula that works and sticks to it but at the same time still innovating more and more, not to mention that music in Megaman is some of the most memorable and catchy. Would video games be the same without Megaman? I highly doubt that, he basically invented the awesome power ups and giant boss battles! His games have barely aged at all, every single game are still playable today, if you need proof simply look at Megaman 9 which came out last year in glorious 8-bit and it competes to the new HD games out there.

For the moment be patient, because next week I'm going off with the original that started it all, Megaman. I'll be going through it all by series from the oldest to the newest, might not go trough all of the new stuff for lack of hardware but I'll do my best to get my hands on it. Also trying to make a sprite banner for Mega Mondays but my spriting is rusty and sincerely, I never was any good to begin with.

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