Monday, August 17, 2009

Mega Mondays: Dr. Light

Dr. Light is the creator of Megaman, like I mentioned last Monday. But there's still a small misunderstanding about him, he is a pacifist. In a few games they point the fact a few times, going as far as giving him the Nobel Peace Prize. As a matter of fact he's the most violent Nobel prize, knowing that some situation are needed for peace. So the dear doctor tasked himself with building various destructive upgrades for Megaman. Actually he does kinda parallels Alfred Nobel in a way; Nobel created Dynamite which is one of the most violent objects out there, so Dr.Light winning the prize is a worthy choice. Even more awesome is the fact that he is the best tactician to ever live. The Doc made a plethora of upgrades for Megaman and installed capsules holograms modules of himself for Megaman and his variation centuries later, presumably the Doc did this all while being dead. Although after so many centuries he still hasn't managed to give Megaman the upward firing capability. (Ok that was my last obvious/overused Megaman joke).

So we salute you Dr. Light for being awesome.

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