Monday, August 31, 2009

Mega Mondays : Cameo Marvel Vs Capcom 2

I missed the whole Marvel Vs Capcom 2 craze at first, sure I played the heck out of Marvel Vs Capcom 1, but the second installation I completely missed. Kinda ironic because Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is one of those games where the 2 is a part of title for the fanbase and not for the fact that it is the sequel, simply because it is superior than its predecessor. So it's out now to download from the Xbox Live Arcade and from what I hear they haven't changed a thing, which could be good and bad for both ways, somethings have aged badly like the music for example, it doesn't fit anymore.

There a a total of 4 Megaman characters than you can play with, first off is Megaman himself of course, second is his friend (girlfriend?) Roll, third is Tron Bonne from the Legend series and finally a generic Serverbot (they are the Mets of the Legend universe). I find Roll especially dull to play because she is technically only human, but the rest are fantastic. Tron Bonne use one of famous mecha machines to fight in the arena and is by far my favorite fighter to use, and Megaman well simply kicks ass like he always does. As for the Serverbot, he's the smallest character in the game making kinda a joke character like Dan in Street Fighter. The fun thing about being small is that he can dodge most of the moves by simply standing still! Awesome! So if you catch a Megaman only team online in the near future it might be me.


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