Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Stay In

The last month has been kinda weird actually for no particular reason, feels like the weird transition from summer to going back to school, but the weird thing is that I'm not even at that moment yet. I'm actually looking forward to being in a schedule again, random happenings are always fun, but a person can only take some much random in their lives. But I know I'll be kicking myself for saying that soon, a single booted hit to myself carried on by another single hit from the school schedule kicking in as well. I did have quite a relaxing day but I did prepare for this day because of the upcoming hurricane warnings, but the hurricane Bill ended up being pretty lame, I looked at the sea and I could of gone swimming, so right there its symbol of its lack of power. Well, the preparations was simply not going anywhere and getting my hand on few movies for the day, and I had enough reading material in case of lack of electricity, but the hurricane was laughable. Also, don't get me wrong I'm glad the hurricane had small effect around here.

Anyways, my summer reading seems to have been crippled, I've barely scratched the surface of my random find, which ended up being a recommendation, even my Dr. Who'ing was crippled but that's torrent issues. I've also realized how close the new release of the new installment of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is. I still remember hearing about and completely putting it aside even resiting it, but it quickly gained my heart out of a gritty hope of some new witty H2G2 fiction. Still a little weary about it but I'll still be picking it up, I'm sure I can ease myself into it, kinda like I did with the movie. Speaking about the movie I can't believe I used to not like it after my first watch, now I really do like it a lot. How can I not like it I asked myself today, it was personally backed up from new material from Adam himself, most fans rejected it because it wasn't faithful to the books, but something as media varied as H2G2 shouldn't be bashed for different adaptations. Personally I'm still waiting for The Restaurant at the End of Universe movie (damn you low film grossing!). And last but not least, maybe the single most amazing internet find I've ever found in ever. Click and enjoy now, by the power of all this is awesome. Seriously this is what I did with most of my day, play this game, its amazingly sublime, I've been spreading it around for most of the day.

Apart from thinking about H2G2 most of the day I've watched a few movies. Had myself a mini marathon of the Hellboy live action movies. I simply love these films, the action is amazing (no shaky camera!). The CGI never seems forces and it never relies on it unless it absolutely needs to, I believe that it should be used like dialogue, you don't add useless dialogue that doesn't add anything to the narrative right? Well do the same with CGI! I kinda have this love/hate relationship with full blown CGI, using to smooth out effects is fine, but making entire scenes out of it makes it look fake. Now movie techniques aside, there is something that bothers me is that, I've seen the live actions films, all of the animated as well, even read a prose book about Hellboy, yet I haven't even look at the original material being the comics. Really should because I love almost everything about the Hellboy universe, the only thing stopping me is the same reason why I haven't picked up Atomic Robo Volume 2; comics are expensive, more than I expected actually. That also a reason why I haven't gotten a video game in quite some time.

Another film I've seen today was Trainspotting, only heard about it last week, with the simple explanation of "It's hard to explain". So with that lucrative incentive, I found myself a copy (only to ironically find it playing numerous times on IFC today). Quite surprised about it actually, always fun going into a movie without knowing a basic plot, setting, premise or anything for that matter. Didn't get the morale, if there was one of course. Some interesting directing and cool camera angles, don't know what to say actually really is hard to explain. Another thing, maybe its because I've been introducing myself into the Beatles lately and I'm seeing things, but this film had at least 3 different nods to The Beatles, not in music but in character placement mirroring album covers and such. Re-reading what I wrote I realize how I've said absolutely nothing about the film; maybe that's the right way to explain it.

Anyways tomorrow Mega Monday again, I haven't been posting anything besides that lately, no reason actually, just didn't feel like it.

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