Thursday, September 11, 2008


Now this is my first blog ever, I think that goes without saying, I don't think people around the internet has some kind of test blog before going into their "real" blog. I have another blog connected to this one it's for my university class, that's what pushed my to the ledge of making this one, surely someone from my class will find it and I will suffer from a little humiliations but go geek-hood I suppose. I was never really interested in blogs before, I did read Kotaku but I always found it to be a sort of newscast on gaming more than anything else. A blog I recently started following and looking into older post was Siskoid's Blog of Geekery, don't really know why I like it I don't even follow comics or Star Trek but still he makes it so accessible to anyone you feel like you know what he's talking about, even ending up knowing what he's talking about.

Now for the name of the blog I just wanted something simple so I took the idea from Futurama's Tales of Interest and slapped interest at the end. I might change it because it is pretty lame if I do get an idea I'll change it, or if you have any suggestions comment. Speaking of Futurama, if anyone has noticed but the tube system they use to transport people is called "You Tube" it think it is labeled somewhere on the first episode so if anyone has the DVD's a little tid-bit to check out. From my knowledge Futurama was made before the now popular Youtube. Now that's for interest, the name Nizbel if you recognized is from Chrono Trigger, I used this internet persona first in Runescape a MMORPG, then it followed me to everything that needed a user name. Nizbel from Chrono Trigger right there.

Now for a random fact on myself because you can always tell a lot by a single random fact. I dislike wearing jeans, yes I know everyone time I mention it people look at me like I'm a female dwarf, it's the first time they ever saw one and they didn't even think they existed. I realized this one day in 12th grade walking in the hall that EVERYONE had jeans apart from me. I never thought about what pants I wore at least it was comfortable. I do have a pair of jeans from conformity or something, I don't really wear them unless all my other pants are dirty.

The real stuff worth reading will be here soon.


Siskoid said...

Good luck with the Blog.

Here's a much known fact about me: I don't wear jeans either.

Martin Léger said...

Thanks for the first comment! Really is hard to get started, need to make it fit more into a schedule I think, and not "when I feel like it".

I didn't know you don't wear jeans either... I now know 3 people who don't.