Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yes I'm doing it again I'm procrastinating. I do it a lot actually. I do have plans to start a weekly subject something of the kind so it would make sure that I at least have one update per week and the rest will be when I feel like it. Then when I really get into the routine of things and get my Mercenaries 2 addiction under control (52% done) I will start more and more and reach a higher number of updates per week; hopefully.

First idea is to get something like Treasure Thursday I like Thursday because I usually don't do anything Thursday .So Treasure Thursday will be a weekly feature looking at a media being game/book/movie ect... that's good but never managed to get a blimp on the radar screen or people just don't know anything about it. Basically a hidden gem or something shiny and important and non noticeable. Not a review because I really don't like giving reviews and slapping a score on something. Apart from that I really don't know what to do, seems like a good idea.

Now for some rambling to add something so this post won't be utterly useless. The reason I don't like giving a score is because sometimes people give a title a 10 the perfect number. Now this really bothers me because I believe nothing is perfect. I do this test with every game I play now, I run against a wall and see if my character will just continue running into the wall aimlessly. Since I saw Conker in Conker's Bad Fur Day run in a wall and pushing it because there is an actual factual wall, it opened my eyes a little wider. Such a small thing but now if a game just has their character continue running against a wall like it is some kind of infinite treadmill, it loses something for me, point is that for me it can't be a perfect game.

Now that my post isn't utterly useless more updates more frequently coming soon.

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Siskoid said...

Nothing perfect?

I totally agree. A "10" should be "among the best" not "perfection itself".