Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first RPG experience.

Now from RPG I don't mean video games like Final Fantasy or Earthbound , I mean those real roleplaying games like the titan of them all Dungeons and Dragons! Which is the single Roleplaying game I played. So Dungeons and Dragons is my first roleplaying game I played and the only roleplaying game I played and I only played it once. As you can see I'm experienced in RPGs.

My first RPG wasn't a bad experience it wasn't an amazing experience either. I was just expecting way more from it. First I created my character a Dwarf of course, because Dwarfs are awesome, now for the class I picked Monk because monks also kick ass. The combination of a Dwarf not using any weapons is what intrigued always wanted to see a hammer less dwarf.. I'll explain my deeper liking for Dwarfs and Monks another time. Everyone seemed to of picked the stereotypes like a strong dumb character, a smart weak but magically endowed Witch and a valiant Paladin with high defense and healing. All seemed so cliché and cheesy, but I do love cheese.

The adventure I found pretty bland, maybe because I missed the first half hour because I needed to be somewhere at the time, but for my late arrival it did provide for this comical opening which was fun initiation to the game. Even so they briefed me on it nothing really amazing we had this book and we needed the collection for something magical and someones dad died, sister disappeared ect.... Seemed just thrown together. All fine tho, I never fuss about story line in a game as long as the gameplay is good. Once again I was expecting something a little more amazing, like you enter a bar have a great time drinking and singing songs of old elvish wars which are now part of kids storybooks then all of a sudden an undead army attacks! The few braves left join up with some other heroes on the quest to find the book of necronos, which leads them to a cave where the dark order of hundred years was formed and also the alter of the book of necronos... Once taken from the alter, arises an unknown horror. No time to think of black geometry the heroes leap into the abyss because anything would be better than facing the horrors that await them. All narrated by Christopher Lee, you know that kind of adventure.

One thing that bugged me was I didn't know if I was supposed to be full on character or just me doing what would be best or a mix of both. There were times where one of friend was always like "I know the answer but my character doesn't so I can't answer...!" I found it broke away from the mood of roleplaying. There was also another that Metagamed which is essentially playing like a pro using everything you know personally to win like for example not looking directly at a cockatrice (creature if looked at will turn you to stone.) It really was all fun and games nothing serious, we even had an intermission snowball fight outside which was random.

I would really like to play again someday, not necessarily Dungeons and Dragons but anything Roleplaying. All and all it was a fun day, not what I expected but fun nonetheless.


Siskoid said...

This wasn't the 13-player game I heard about, was it?

There's a lot of Negative Play Experience (NPE) to be had out there, and I've had my share (which is probably why I almost always GM).

Anyway, maybe I could invite you to one of our games sometime.

Martin Léger said...

Nan, it wasn't a 13 player game it was only a 5 player game (counting the GM)

But, whoa 13 players must really get confusing.

Siskoid said...

Yeah, ask Chalifoux.