Monday, October 26, 2009

Mega Monday : Captain N

There was this short lived show that came in a little bit before my time, but I still caught of bunch of random clips and stuff from the internet. From those clips which include most of time the internet mocking every single aspect of it, I came to the conclusion that it really really does suck. So thats the story of Captain N the Gamemaster forever remembered for butchering almost every all while whoring them out. The premise is simply taking all the most popular video game characters from the time and shove them into one show (like I said, all the while raping each of their respective personalities)

There's Simon Belton from Castlevania which was butchered the most out of all but Megaman was a prominent figure of the shows running and he wasn't exactly treated justly either. Surprisingly Dr.Wily is the most accurate depictions of any characters in the show, an evil Einstein which is bent on world domination.

I can understand that you can't get much personality out of the games because Megaman never does say much or even determining the look of him can be hard, the box arts proved us that many times. Now this is simply ridiculous they didn't even get his color right, I mean his nickname is the Blue Bomber and yet you don't even make him blue. FAIL.
They kinda got his size from the 8-bit version, but the green and the visors, whats that? Now I don't really want to get into the personality because there was nothing to base it upon, but they could of done something better. He has this coarse annoying voice and he's a little angsty about being a robot as opposed to a man. Really nothing really meshes with the awesomeness he's supposed to be. But there is one part which is even more confusing; so MegaGirl comes bursting into the scene and she's all over Megaman but he turns her down with the good ol' "I'm not a man" (aka: u ugly).

Yeah thats right Megaman, you got 99 robot masters and a bitch ain't one.


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