Monday, September 7, 2009

Mega Mondays : Megaman 3

The third installment of the series comes rolling in from the huge hype of the Megaman 2, and it sure doesn't disappoint. It's one of my personal favorites of the series. Again story isn't explained at all; Dr.Wily is evil, giant robot gamma and you need to collect crystals or something. You do have a scene where Megaman converses with Dr.Light but even there it isn't much.
They do add a few new characters to the series, first off being Rush, your robotic dog! He serves as adding more personality to your platforms upgrade they added in the Sequel, which is kind of fun having your dog transform in a jet, boat or spring. The problem with this mechanic again is that it makes the game that much easier, which is a curse and blessing depending on the player. Sure those looking for a challenge could simply not use the Jet Adapter and actually do the jumping puzzle, but it's also a good feeling cheating the level designers. Still fun to use and experiment with but it does feel like a huge handicap. Also to add, Rush is obviously named after the band Rush; the Megaman developers are extremely proud of their rock references by the way.
Another recurring character that they introduce is Protoman. A fan favorite for some reason I never understood it really. Basically Protoman is the well, prototype of Megaman, one of the first versions Dr. Light has built. Now he's back for revenge for being neglected or he might be connected with Dr. Wily somehow. They never explain anything inside the game, all of it is in the instruction booklet, but I don't have the booklet so I'm inventing as I go along. Anyways, he doesn't do much in this game, he appears in key points as his flute theme whistles in and he hops around like an idiot trying to shoot you. He can be taken down with ease after he simply teleports away.
One thing they do continue doing is revamping the visuals, everything is more detailed than the previous title, again this is mostly in the background stuff, which really looks nice. As for the animation, Megaman doesn't change much because, he is pretty limited, but most of the enemies have some pretty good animations and ways of attacking. They could of simply used busters and blasters for enemies attacks but they really put some effort into some original attacking methods, like pole volting robot or the weight trowing one and other Olympic events. They also added some bigger enemies since it was such a awesome feature of the second game, like we see here; Robot Cat shooting plasma yarn!
The last feature which will be a staple for every single iteration is of course; the slide. By simply pressing down and the jump button you preform a slide giving you forward momentum. It adds a new layer of movement, dodging nasties, finding paths and a few other things. Still the first time experimenting and it doesn't apply as well as the next games but still fun to have at your disposal.
This is one of my personal favorite of the Original series. The music isn't as memorable as the second game but the intro theme is still kickass. They're still at the point of original ideas for robot masters and the new weapons still feel fresh and fun to use, but you can feel something declining soon.

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