Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keep in Rockin' in the Living Room

Finally buckled up and bought myself my very own axe; yeah I call it an axe that's how badass I really am, albeit it being of the plastic variety. Never was much of a fan of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, mainly because I was so terrible and that's one reason of my disinterest of the genre as a whole. Sure I did like watching people play, there's nothing more entertaining than watching your friends wailing at a plastic guitar, with tongues a blazing for something unattainable simply because their hands and minds are too busy following color coded orders, and when the battle is done they gloat at how much they artificially rocked! I never owned a game for myself really only played from house to house more and more, about the time RockBand came out, and although I never had any practice besides a bunch of casual plays I reached Hard Mode nonetheless, yet seems like barrier that caught and from all my single multiplays I wouldn't be able to go farther.

Whether the feeling is artificial or not its still a great feeling of accomplishment finishing those songs, saving your friends failed attempt at being cool, its a unique collective of accomplishments. Some will like simply finishing the song a certain mode, some would like to five star everything, some simply like acting out as they are truly Rock Stars. (I like the latter)

Now let get this straight, I've seen those battles of which is better Guitar Hero or Rock Band, as for one I don't give a damn they're the exact same thing. The only deciding factor for my is the song listings, and for me personally Rock Band wins hands down simply for it downloadable tracks and the fact that they don't perpetually rip you off like Activision's Guitar Hero (Face it GH is a massive cash cow now). And for someone like me, a metal head, having more metal is always better, while they don't cover at all my preferred genre of metal, they still provide some good alternatives. Plus Yngwie Malmsteen is probably the closest thing I'll get to Power Metal. Still with the amount over the top awesome of the multiple 80's Hard Rock, there's simply nothing that beats those songs. On their own they are great songs with awesome riffs, groovy basslines, badass drums and powerfull vocal. All of that rolled up into one with a chorus of 4 people singing along, the clanking and clicking sounds of the plastic instruments goes totally silent.

Now at first I was intensively mocked because I had a hard time playing at hard mode, so in sakes of wanting to get better and at least reach the regular level of most of the people I play with, and beat some in their own game of course, I got Rock Band 2 and a lone guitar. Haven't decided if I'll get the drum set cause I mostly play Rock Band alone to raise up my skill for those true multiplayer Rock Band sessions. I did talk with a friend who would maybe play with me when he gets back from summer and he's a real live drummer so the step in the plastic wasn't anything particularly difficult for him.

Anyways, I was really exited for creating my own avatar for the game at first because I heard that it was really good, but for me it wasn't enough. I wasn't even able to make anything close to looking like my Guitar Idol (and God) Kai Hansen, as a matter of fact I wasn't even able to make any Metal style look cool, everything was so over the top it was ridiculous, I guess that's part of the games aesthetic.

Now the name of my Band, albeit it being a Solo project for the moment, I couldn't simply call it Marty or even my internet name tag Nizbel. I did start out with something among the lines of The Martys or "Enigmatic Entity Superficial Mystery" something cheesy like that. Then I moved on to something more Power Metal sounding, like Divine Guardian, Demon's Heart, Transcendence or Ring of Heresy. After that more or so around my hobby which is where ImproVision came up, but suddenly a hint of genius struck me.

And now my bands name is simply; Vogon Poetry. It reflects my skills as a player and when I do get good it'll be kinda ironic, brilliant if I do say so myself.


Siskoid said...

Great band name!

Yes, Rock Band is the better game overall, though Guitar Hero is generally harder, so better sense of accomplishment. I play both.

Pout said...

My only experience with Rock Band is playing the ACDC track pack (which I own) and like Siskoid said: when comparing guitar play to GH, Rock Band is a lot easier (and more repetitive).

But who would be stupid enough to ignore the fact that Rock Band also has drums, bass and vocals when comparing the two games? For this multiplayer fun potential alone Rock Band is way better.

As for my avatar, he would definatly wear 3D glasses.

3D glasses ftw.