Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meek Wech: Didn't make the cut/Should of made the cut

Here are the mechs that I though about some for awhile and some I though of mockingly.

1.Voltron- Didn't make it


2.Gundam- Should of made it

Gundam is made up of about 500 different series where everyone has these giants mech and bash each other to death, all while monologing on how horrible violence and war is. Quite a talent, sometimes the pilots some need to be special be able to monologue ,whine about war, question their actions and ultimately killing themselves for the greater good and sometime they don't. Cash cow connected in a suspended life. Gundam 00 is amazing though and Gundam Wing Endless duel is the best SNES fighter out there (take that SF2!). Tip : You can tell the series apart from the size of their hair.

3. Ridley's Exoskeloton from Aliens- Didn't make it.

Someone mentioned it, but didn't realize that it was an exoskeloton. Noob. Same thing with you APU's from the Matrix.

4.Mecha Sonic/ Dr.Robotnik's mechs- Should of made it.

Mecha Sonic was the first exposure to the machine counterparts for most people of my generation, and he was badass. I would say the Dr.Robotnik's machines hold the same title for most gamers. But Sega has a weird habit of thinking their audience are all idiots that can't figure out a simple wordplay (well new generation Sonic fans are that but that's besides the point). Changing Mecha Sonic to Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik to Dr.Eggman is pure concentrate insult to our intelligence. So for making me feel that I have an inferior intellect; you don't get on my blog! Take that sega!

5. AT-ST -Didn't make it

Haha, go away. If ewoks can bring you down, you don't deserve anything

6.Mecha Godzilla- Should of made it.

Building a giant mechanized version of the thing that's destroying you is brilliant idea, if I had the technology I'd have a giant mechanical mosquito flying around. Fuck Mecha Sonic, Mecha Godzilla is the first Mechanized counterpart that I know of.

7. Volt-~Zords - Didn't make it


8. Zoids- Should of made it

Now the show was awful but for what it wanted to be it was ok, and I've never seen a world where all the mechs are animal shaped which is kinda cool. BUT way back when, one of your construction kits was missing 2 pieces, you still owe me those two pieces!

9. Armored Core/ MechWarriors- Didn't make it

While you are both decently acclaimed games, I haven't played you guys ever. Sorry.

10. Steel Battalion - Should of made it

I don't care about the gameplay I won't even show you a picture of the gameplay. Just look at the damn controller it's huge! I want it. Click to see all of its marvels up close.


Siskoid said...

Voltron is no Goldorak, that's for sure. Even worse was the OTHER Voltron, the one made out of little cars and spaceships.The lion Voltron was still kinda charming. Especially in comparison.

MechaGodzilla Whoop Whoop!

Nizbel said...

I simply never got the point of Voltron, why make it in parts if they simply end up fusing all the time? Plus I though he was in the category of "so lame its cool" but he doesn't quite make it there.

Also, something I always wondered that you might know, was there ever a Mecha Mothra? If so I don't know if I like that very much. Well cyborg fairies would be badass.

Anonymous said...

I played Steel Battalion once...


You even have a button to use a wiper. All that killing debris sure gets you dirty.