Thursday, May 21, 2009

Workplace Annotations

Don't really know why but I feel like venting from my work on my blog, not exactly a negative vent but a vent nonetheless. I already worked at the same place last summer, it's a government building doing governmental stuff. The first time was in a different context than it is now, before I was a student working among other students. The older workers kinda quarantined us in a confined office area, they were scared of catching our bright outlook on life and our futures. Anyways, I got back in for a second year and this time I would be working directly with some of adults and a few students also.

Let me first tell you that I always had trouble with first impressions, not that I always have bad first impression, more of the fact that I don't make first impressions. People don't seem to remember me the first time we meet, I share that common trait with them so the universe all balances out in the end. Now this wasn't exactly a problem, the fact is, that living in a small town you never do need any first impression, the second party simply needs to know your parents names and therefor they can prejudge you as they please. Quite an effective social mechanism.

So here I am first day standing around on familiar ground and at the same time standing in a unfamiliar environment. Getting a few disdained looks here and there, I got the feeling of regret that maybe I shouldn't of worn my power metal shirt with a figure shooting beams out of its eyes, but that feeling quickly dissipated because I don't give a damn. Furthermore they paired me up with a complete counterpart, the guy was ripped, he was like the alpha male, played in my university's hockey team, the whole jock package. Still he's a nice guy and all, showed me what I would be doing for the rest of the summer and thought me to “Stop thinking, you're thinking too much, just do it”, which in context really was useful, thinking isn't really useful if you're working for the government. When I finished my training I switched with another co-worker, he was much older and a father so he was already familiar with adolescent incompetence, so a simple chuckle from him made my mistakes go away.

There is also a place they send me when my main work is done; the crib. The crib consists of the sliding mechanical rows that move with a press of button. They jar to the side with this bitter metallic sound as if they're exhausted from all the years of sliding. Inside the rows are millions of files, each to his own name and highly confidential. The light eerily flicker from time to time which gives the crib an even less than awkward invitation. I even spilled blood inside the crib from the numerous paper cuts and stabbings from the sharp metallic paper holders. Quite devious place to spent your working hours, I did work a few night shift completely inside the crib. It channels some kinda of morale sucking energy to whom they probably use to power the numerous coffee machines looming around. Not only does it suck your morale it also nullifies any intelligent thoughts and transforms them into mindless color coded numbering system, strangely enough it made me feel even more stoic.

I do drive a van, a big van. Something strange is each time I cross another van of similar size or any vehicular of a similar size, I get a nod from the other driver. Even more odd I willingly nod back, it feels pretty badass, but this isn't a friendly nod, it is a nod of utmost respect like they're saying “Keep at soldier, soon we _________”. I think your imaginations can fill out the rest, I keep thinking there's going to be an uprising soon, I mean they do have all the big vehicles, what would the world do without big vehicles?

Also, cake. Yes cake, for awhile cake has been subjected into my mind that any promise of cake involving a corporation is a lie. No deal here, there is often cake and it is definitely not a lie. There's cake from every frikin occasion, Sally is retiring so we have cake, George is going on vacation so we have cake, Sally is pregnant so we have cake, Henrietta made a cake last night so we have cake. So much cake, makes it seem like they're are hiding something. Nobody is allowed to have this much cake at work, there should be a law about it. Mostly I think having cake is an excuse to have a break without using up your fifteen minutes.

All and all, I like my job there are a few odd people but aside from that enjoyable. On a side note watch out next we for Mech Week where I will be counting down some of my favorite mech related media! Not in list form I can't count down best to worst...It'll just be a down?

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