Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Week Ramblings

Last week was a weird week for me, I expected a slow easy going week with so I could stay home and just stay up till morning and wake up in the afternoon. Strangely the conditions and the timing of things ruin that moment, not that I regret it but I'm slightly more tired than expected. The strange timing of school finishing and the last week before everyone starts working at their respected summer job, boosted the hang-out factor tenfold. I did plan on posting more but I keeped being dragged out of my house from my own free will!

So we organized a few werewolf games since we would be surely lacking during the summer. If you don't know, Werewolf is a game were there is a village and there are a few Werewolves hidden within the villagers. So your job is to figure out who is a Werewolf and prosecute them and eventually kill them. The trick is there are more villagers than werewolves so you really need to know who to trust and find a tell. I find it's like a roleplaying poker, expect you kill people. Speaking of which I tried to bring some roleplaying into the game by taking on another persona, but I was promptly killed for acting weird and the multiple comments of "This isn't your improv!". Also speaking of role playing, started playing in a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, after six hours of playing we gained one level...I haven't much to say really, we fought spiders and such...yeah...

Re-finished watching Gungrave for the third time, I do love that anime. It is currently my all time favorite anime, so It'll most likely pop-up on this blog at least once. Other anime I've been viewing in the reboot of Dragonball Z, seamlessly named Dragonball Kai. Wasn't really impressed by Dragonball Kai hasn't changed anything at all, it's still airing so it still has a chance in my eyes. Another anime that gained a reboot or retelling is Fullmetla Alchemist, and I do love the Fullmetal. More based around the manga and less filler than the first anime rendition. As far it seems really superior than the first series, a definite continue watching for me, if only the subbers would be quicker! You can check out , to see what anime I've watched and such. To be more exact it's what I watched since last summer, there a still a few things I haven't added into my list because I plan on re-watching them. Another series that has been taking my time is Spaced (Not an anime) which is frikin hilarious, I'm not that far into it yet.

I also officially own my own comic books, since free comic book day was saterday I picked up a bunch of them. I was really disappointed actually every comic was a huge publicity for their comics, most of them had like three different comic prologues in one comic which didn't add much quantity. The ones that I did like was the first ever issue of Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was really awesome to read and Atomic Robot which I found oddly enjoyable and funny. The rest really confused me because I didn't know what was going on, especially Avengers. I did also pick up a Prose book of Hellboy, just another book to add to my summer reading I suppose.

My tactic of promising myself to post twice a day in order to post at least once a day failed, I heard it was good tactic against procrastination but my procrastination seems to have became self aware of the situation.

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Siskoid said...

Atomic Robo is the BOMB, son!

Of the various Avengers books, only Mighty Avengers is at all readable, and even so, the continuity would give X-Men fans nightmares.