Monday, July 6, 2009

It can update?!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I really have no mountable excuse for the lack of effort. Part laziness part thinking I would have time for a post in the week-end. I did do a lot during my last week-end mostly some stuff that gave me some ideas for some posts, and mostly some old nostalgic stuff. I also had a few request to do another post relating or in the same nature of My Awesome Anthropomorphic 90's cartoons post, so as for tiny request I will be doing another one, hopefully for this week if I can find a common subject to chat about.

On a complete side note, I finally decided, after more than year of failed confused attempts, to watch Dr.Who. I learned to stop using my brain and simply watch the series(I'm turning it on again when I'm actually watching it just ot make clear). I asked around forums where I should start and got more than what I wanted, which is everything but where to start from. So after hundreds of different opinion of casual and hardcore fans alike, a simple answer from a co-worker with a Dalek figurine which was "Just do like when I was a kid, start watching and don't stop if you like it, then when you're my age you can start complaining about how your doctor was better than mine". So I decided to start with Tennant, because he is the current and with some little catching-up I'll be at the new releases. Now I'm done with this maze of my hidden form of procrastination against Dr. Who.

Another feature I will be bringing is a weekly post about Megaman. I have a kind of history with the blue bomber and I have more than enough to talk about and keep going more than long enough. The catch is I would like to play through all the games I can get my hand on and go chronologically trough each one. The hard part will be trying to finish, or most of the game, inside a week, some I won't even try because I perfectly known what time it should take me to get complete the specific games, and if I known I can't do a post in time I promise a filler about megaman at least. I'll be calling it something uber cheesy like Mega Monday or something. But I'll be writing them probably Sunday, simply because Monday is the day where most of the Anime is fan subbed and dumped into the internet, and Tuesdays I'm only at home for sleep, and if I didn't watch them all on Monday it would severely cut that sweet sleep.

I known this mediocre post doesn't substitute anything, but hey I can do what I want on my blog!


Siskoid said...

I don't understand why you got so many different answers.

You start with New Who (Eccleston) since it's really one big story and go from there.

Pout said...

You do anime fan subs?

Do you even speak japanese?

Nizbel said...

Haha, No I don't do subs and I don't know any japanese. I wait for other people to do it then I watch it. Which is either sundays or mondays usually.