Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Something that keeps reminiscing into my childhood oddly enough is Godzilla, I think I might one of the only people of my age who actually watched a lot of old Godzilla movies as a kid. I think it all began with the American release of the simply titled Godzilla, back then my simple mind loved the film. I even shed a simple tear when they got Godzilla got killed, I still do today but for a whole different reason mostly being such a horrible film and all. The huge success of the film (financially anyways...) gave the producers enough reason to milk it even more I suppose, so Godzilla the Animated series was born! I don't remember much from it apart that it was pretty horrible, it had all the super cliché characters you could imagine in the 90's animated series. For some reason Godzilla was adopted by a human because Godzilla considered him his father or something ludicrous like that...

Still I thank those American counter parts for at least making me interested in other Godzilla related stuff. So I searched around for anything Godzilla related I was still extremely limited because of my age at the time, which was like 10-12 or something like that. I started buying all the toys (action figure for the sensitive ones, I still think they're toys), I still have few I might be able to find if I would go in the attic looking. If I remember correctly I have a Mecha-Ghidorah, Godzilla 2000 and a Megalon with the broken horn, most of them found in yard sales and other weird places. I can't seem to find them I though that at least one of them would of been in my closet but no. If I do ever find them I'll be sure to post them, but sadly they might of been lost when I moved. I did manage to find a baby Godzilla from the American movie but that's not cool in any way.

Not only that but I needed to watch some of the films and I did, mostly found on late night television, they were announcing it days before which only hyped my experience. I found myself really lucky to find an actual Godzilla movie on cable TV, heck I only had 12 channels at the time! Still remember how I snuck out of bed just to watch a Godzilla movie at 2 in the morning. So my first Godzilla movie outside the American version was Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. Still today I consider it my favorite and the best, don't know if I'm being bias or not, but the cheesy dialogue mixed with weird time traveling and equally cheesy action scenes really did it for me. Since then I watched a bunch more, anything I could get my eyes on, I know that there are a bunch more movies that I haven't seen but maybe that's a good thing.

My small Godzilla obsession faded through time, but still today I'll catch some films from time to time. I also got interested in monster movies in general. I think without Godzilla I wouldn't of watched great movies like the old 50's movies like Tarantula and It Came From Beneath The Sea or the 80's movies like the Blob, Tremors, The Fly and even might not of seen Alien. Sure they weren't massive destructoids like Godzilla nonetheless no doubt there was a influence behind me wanting to watch those films.

After that seemed dry for awhile there just wasn't any monsters for a long time, people got bored and started making nature kill everything, like volcanoes and tornadoes; you might remember the whole resurgence of the disaster movies. Then there was Cloverfield that I was super hyped for, ever since there was the cryptic preview. First watch, I completely hated the film the camera work annoyed the hell of me the plot was simply dull and uninteresting. My second watch I learned to appreciate it, I was looking for a long awaited monster movie and that just wasn't it. If anything it was ok, nothing special nor is it anything bad. I especially like the subway scene. I still think the monster looks like an anorexic zombie clown, haven't decided if that bad or not yet.

I did found an extremely surprising monster film from South Korea named The Host. I was blown away by this film I loved everything about it, one of my favorite monster films. It is a must see for any monster film fan, I highly recommend it to anyone. Sad news is that they are making a sequel, now I'm not very fond of sequels, often seems like they are trying to milk it in some way. Even more devastating news, they making an American remake...Dear god no. I know I`ll be the first guy to see it in theaters but still...haven`t you learned anything for Godzilla already!?

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Siskoid said...

I love me some Godzilla. I've started building a DVD collection and everything. The first one I saw was the first Mecha-Godzilla battle.

You know, we ALSO had a Godzilla cartoon when I was a kid in the late 70s, early 80s. It's the one with the boat crew and Godzuki, the obligatory "cute" mascot baby Godzilla. Godzilla would come in at the end of every episode and save the day with a good old fashioned rampage.