Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Superpowers?

I starting writing a extensive post about Guild Wars but then half way I realized the images I wanted to show people was going to take some sniping, cutting and resizing, so I stopped. It would take me too much work too get all the things ready for tonight and I really didn't feel like it, one of those days you know? So I decided to just make a fun post which wouldn't really need that much thinking, again one of those days... So I opted with something fun, simple and short, which super power would I like to have?!

Sure you must of all dreamed it more than once in your life, having superpowers. Even if it was something as simple as being able to fly or shoot laser beams out of your mouth. Even you might of had a discussion with your friends sometime of what super power would you like best? Since having only one super power is pretty lame compared to some super heroes, I'll be choosing trough different super hero archetypes. Do keep in mind that my super hero knowledge is very limited to animated series and other ramblings from people and friends, since I barely looked into comics, I think because it was never popular in my area.

At first glance I think the most logical choice would be Superman. That guy has virtually everything! Super strength, speed, hearing, cold breath, invulnerable and a handful of cool things with his eyes. Superman is like the poster child for superheroes he has almost everything and his only weakness is kryptonite and magic. Most of the other superheroes has one of his powers while Superman like a plethora of things work with. I'll just go ahead and say it, he's so fucking cheap! He has everything! Almost god like! If I was him I would mock almost everyone with less than four powers! So because he's so cheap, would turn me into a jackass and is the obvious choice, I choose not Superman.

There are some others I though about but quickly changed my mind. First off Wonder Woman has a bunch of useful superpowers, but then I would have to change into a amazonian female and that isn't really a good trade off for me. Another one is SpiderMan, sure he's an awesome superhero but for me, location wise, it would be pretty difficult, living in New-Brunswick doesn't give you much buildings to swing and climb off. Ferro Lad I do like, the idea of being nearly invincible is cool, but don't like the idea of being a martyr isn't cool. Aquaman is cool in his own way he can talk to fish and stuff but being limited to water could be quite depressing, a fish companion can only go so far.

A pretty cool superhero is the Green Lantern, he has a magical ring that can like shoot energy bolts, create energy objects, fly and a bunch of other cool things. He isn't overly cheap like Superman as I aforementioned. The odd thing is that the ring doesn't affect yellow objects for some reason? Now that's just plain inconvenient, why such a discrimination against yellow objects!? The fact is that if I do have a ring, this means I'm in this kind of Space Police fighting for justice. Now I though that was cool but it also means I have to follow the rules all the time and I'm forced to fight crime. I think that would be a real disadvantage with all the people trying to steal my ring and having to follow orders? Ugh.

Not exactly a superhero but a power I do appreciate is Magneto's magnetic powers. I find that so awesome having complete control over metal objects. I don't exactly know the true extent to his powers but they seems pretty god like, he did move a whole bridge in the movie. Even in the animated series he has his own metal castle where he can manipulate everything in it, even turning the metal in liquid like form, which was pretty wicked.

One superhero I do especially like is Thor, he isn't god like, he is a god! He has a bunch of Power much like superman but doesn't get that over cheap feeling to him. The Mjolnir as his mighty weapon lets him manipulate the weather and fly! How epic is that? using a frikin hammer to defeat your opponents! No worries about it getting it stolen, because only you can lift it with your godly powers (The Hulk did lift it once but I'm going to let that go). Another plus side about being Thor is that everything you say will be said in a poetic and/or epic way. So Thor is my choice if were to fight crime.

You heard it right "if I were to fight crime", what does that mean? Well Thor is pretty kickass and embodies the Power Metal persona but isn't really practical in my everyday life and the lack of some real supervillians is problematic. The superhero I would choose for my daily life would be The Flash. The guy might only have one superpower attribute which is superspeed but that's more than enough. I don't know how many times I realized I was late or I just wanted to get somewhere fast. If I had The Flash's superpowers it would make things way easier, I would save gas money, heck even get rid of my license, and I would never be late for anything! Just imagine, need to set up a room for an occasion of some kind? No problem done in 15 seconds flat. I also heard he could read books in super speed, not really sure if that's true, but that would be epic. Again just imagine the incredible possibilities!

Small recap
-For fighting crime: Thor
-For normal everyday life: The Flash

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